The New England DanceSport Championships is a one day competition that will be held Saturday, May 13th. The general schedule is listed below. Please refer to the heats and times on O2CM for the specific time for a given event. Note that minor updates might need to be made to those times during this week.

Saturday, May 13th

Session I - Saturday Matinee (Morning and Afternoon)

7:00 am Doors Open  
8:00 am All Pre-Teen, Junior, and Youth Syllabus Events  
10:45 am American Smooth Syllabus through Open Pre-Champ Events  
12:50 pm International Standard Syllabus through Open Pre-Champ Events  
2:50 pm American Rhythm Syllabus through Open Prechamp Events and DanceSport Series  
5:00 pm International Latin Syllabus through Open Prechamp Events  
6:30 pm Break for Dinner  

Session II - Saturday Night Championships

7:00 pm Doors Open  
7:30 pm Welcome  
7:40 pm Youth Latin Championship  
7:50 pm American Rhythm Championship  
8:20 pm International Standard Championship  
8:52 pm Under 21 Latin Championship  
9:25 pm American Smooth Championship  
10:00 pm Adult and Senior International Latin Championship