Instructions for Registering with O2CM

Below are instructions for registering online. There is one main form with multiple steps for that process. After logging in, you will need to enter or update your account information, select the events that you want to register for, add competitor packages and spectator tickets, and then click PayPal to submit payment. Note that you do not need to do this all at one time. You can log back in at any time and add or change your events or submit payment.

Logging In or Creating an Account

Logging In

Below is shown the landing page for O2CM. If you have registered for any competition through O2CM before, then you should already have a login account. Enter your email address and password and click the login button.

O2CM Landing Page

Creating an Account

If you need to create an account (or have forgotten your password)

  • Go ahead and enter your email address and leave the password blank and click Login as described on the page.
  • A password will be emailed to you.
    Note: Make sure you either remove the spam filter or check your spam folder for your password email.
  • If you are an existing user, your old password will be sent to you. If you are a new user, a random password will be sent to you that you can change after you log in.

No account or forgotten password

Adding/Updating Account Information

At the top of the form is the O2CM account information. This is the person responsible for managing the registration for a one or more competing couples (e.g. one member of an adult couple, the parent for an under 21 couple, or a studio representative entering multiple couples).

If this is the first time you are using O2CM with this email address, the account information will be blank. We ask that you fill out the contact information accurately with both phone number and email address as that is how we are able to contact you with important competition information or if there are any issues with your registration.

No account or forgotten password

As shown above, your are able to change your password in this section. Be sure to click the "Save Account Information" button after entering your changes.

Adding Events

Steps 2, 3 and 4 on the registration form allow you to add the events for one or more couple(s):

Selecting a Couple

Any competitors you have registered for other O2CM events in the past will be available for you to select in the Lead and Follow dropdowns. If you are new to O2CM or registering a new couple, click the "New" button to the right.

You will be shown a new "Competitor" screen:

If you know the USA Dance # for this competitor, you can enter that in the USA Dance box in the top left corner of the form, and the information for that competitor will then be filled into the rest of the form. If there are any changes for that competitor, you can fill those in and click Save. If the competitor is not yet a USA Dance member, you will need to fill in the competitor details (which default to the account information) and click Save. A temporary number is assigned to the user until the actual USA Dance number can be entered.

Adding Events

After you have selected both competitors for a couple, you can add their events (see Events Offered for information on what division to select for various event options). Select the Division, Age, and Skill level from the dropdowns, and the events that are offered for that combination will be displayed. Select all events for the couple at that age and skill level and click the "Add Couple to Events" button. You can select more than one one event by by holding the "Ctrl" key while clicking the events. After adding the events, they will show up in the "Entries" section below. If you need to delete an event, you can highlight it there and select Delete. If you select another couple, this area will then show the events added for that pair of competitors.

Note: New event divisions have been added for this year's competition. These are designated as follows in the registration site:

  • Amateur (NQE) - This designates National Qualifying Events
  • Amateur - This designates amateur events that are not qualifying events
  • WDSF - This designates WDSF events
  • Teacher/Student - This designates what were formerly Mixed Proficiency events
  • Specialty - This designates showdance events

Add Competitor Packages/Tickets

In Step 5, you must add a "Competitor Package" for each competitor based on age who has been included in one or more events. Note that this registration includes entry to ALL sessions regardless of when the competitor is dancing. Anyone else accompanying the competitor will require a spectator ticket for those sessions.

To add your competitor package and/or ticket to your registration, you first select the ticket or package type:

In the next three dropdowns, just select the only option available. Then in the final dropdown, select each competitor and click "Add" to add a competitor package for each competitor :

Spectator tickets can optionally be added to the registration for anyone accompanying the competitors to attend the sessions.

Summaries and Payments

At the bottom of the form is a section that shows all payments made to date, provides access to heat sheet and account summary information, and if any payment is required, a button to Paypal to submit payment:

While accurate heat sheets will not be available until the final schedule is determined just before the competition, a summary of what is included in the registration can be seen by clicking the "Full Accounting Report" button. If you are ready to submit a payment, click the "Pay Now" button. While you do not need to pay immediately, note that late fees will apply if full payment is not received before the "Late Registration" date.