Below are answers to some of the more frequent questions we receive. If you still have a question, please feel free to contact us.

Am I qualified to enter your competition?

The competition is open to any amateur or teacher/student couple of any age. However, as a National Qualifying Event for USA Dance and a USA Dance sponsored competition, you must have a current Dancesport level membership in USA Dance to compete. If you only have a social membership, your membership has expired or you are not yet a member, you can become a member, renew or upgrade your membership online .

For more details, please refer to the rules governing this competition for more details.

What is O2CM

O2CM is the online dance competition management system used by USA Dance and its sponsored competitions to register participants and run the compeition. From this site you will be able to register for this competition, buy additional spectator tickets, view other registrants, and finally view the results of the competition which are posted immediately upon the conclusion of the competition.

I don’t have an O2CM account how do I get one?

You can sign up for an O2CM account on the O2CM web site as explained by these instructions . Please be sure to check your spam folder and/or be sure that is excluded from any spam blocking.

Please refer to the registration help page for detailed instructions in using the O2CM site.

I have an O2CM account, how do I sign up for an event or multiple events?

You can register for this competition with the O2CM site. For help in using the O2CM system, refer to our registration help page. If you need to know what events are available, please check out the events offered page that also explains how the Divisions to select to add the events you wish to enter.

I’ve signed up for an event or multiple events, how do I pay for it?

Payments should be submitted through the O2CM site using the payment form at the bottom of the registration page as explained here. If you have any issues in submitting payment through the O2CM system, please contact the NEDSC Registrar ( for assistance.

NOTE: Payment must be received by the early registration deadline in order qualify for early registration prices. Simply putting in entries is not sufficient to qualify for early registration prices.

What dances are danced for the different proficiency levels (e.g. Bronze, Gold, Novice, etc.)?

The dances danced for a given National Qualifying Event proficiency level (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Novice, Pre-Championship, and Championship) are determined by USA Dance. Please refer to our rules section of the site for a listing of the dances for each level.

May I compete in the Teacher/Student category?

The following definitions and rules (from the rules page of the site) apply for Teacher Student couples in the New England DanceSport Championships:

  • Student: The Student must be a USA Dance Athlete member in good standing and may be of any age and either sex. The Student is the only partner judged.
  • Teacher: The Teacher may be of any age and either sex, regardless of the age and sex of the Student. The Teacher is not judged. The Teacher must be either a USA Dance Athlete or Professional Athlete member in good standing.
  • A Teacher may partner with multiple Students in multiple age divisions, levels and disciplines, but not the same event with more than one student, per the rules of entry and registration.
  • Eligible Events: The event eligibility rules apply only to the age, sex, and proficiency level of the Student. The Student will be judged against other Students in the same age, sex, and level categories that are also dancing with Teacher partners. Otherwise, all the eligibility rules of the New England DanceSport Championships apply to entries by T/S couples.
  • A T/S couple may not compete in other events as a non-T/S couple. However, the Student may enter other events with other amateur partners that are not dancing as a Teacher, and the NEDSC's standard rules will apply to those entries. If the Teacher Partner is an amateur DanceSport Athlete, then they have all the options available to them as any other amateur DanceSport Athlete, with their regular partner.

When will the schedule be finalized and will it be available online?

The final schedule of heats and times will be completed the weekend before the competition and published to the O2CM site. At the same time participants will be able to view their personal heat times on the site. The publishing of the final schedule will be published to the home page of this web site.

Will the event be televised? Online streaming?

No, the event will not be televised via an online streaming vendor. We do plan to have a vendor offering video services for couples wishing to have their events professionally video taped.

Is there a social dance this year?

No, there will not be a Friday night social dance associated with the competition this year.